Protecting Canadians from Censorship and Discrimination


A free and responsible government that works for Canadians.


My name is Mike McMullen and I’m running as a federal candidate for the London West PPC riding. I never would have guessed that one day I’d be a politician, but like many Canadians, I’ve lost my patience with the Canadian political establishment. I am not a politician and serve only the interests of Canadians.
I believe in the policies which Max Bernier and the People’s Party have identified. I believe they are the key to restoring trust in government by stimulating a sluggish economy, protecting our constitutional rights, and returning to the values that Canada was founded upon.

Canadians have watched helplessly as the Liberal and Conservative governments no longer plan, but scheme behind the backs of Canadians. Passing new laws while giving themselves extraordinary powers to control our lives. They continually add new taxes while they double down on stripping your rights. They have become aggressive advocates for censorship.

Unfortunately for Canadians, our authoritarian government seems to have no standards. The PPC is the only way to restore accountability, fiscal responsibility, bring jobs back to Canada, and put Canadians first. Bringing trust back to our government and ensuring our politicians are held to the highest standards and held accountable. These corrupt politicians will gladly trade in your freedoms for their power to rule over you, and this slow descent in madness needs to stop.


The Canadian Uni-Party, the Liberals, and Conservatives. have been swapping positions for decades alongside their enablers New Democrats and Greens and with every new prime minister, it just gets worse, much worse. For decades this country has been deteriorating. Inflation is soaring because of unchecked government spending and a ridiculous carbon tax.

Jobs and investment leaving the country, more government bureaucracy, and more government corruption. The LibCon government is formed to give Canadians the illusion of choice, but in the end, they get richer, which you get poorer. They give themselves more power under the guise of safety, while Canadians continue to lose their freedoms.

Free speech itself is under attack, and they want to control everything you say online. Charging you with ridiculous fines for something you might have said years ago. The PPC will put an end to this nonsense. We will form a government that will fight for your freedoms, defend free speech and defend the Charter of Rights



Canada has lost hundreds of thousands of jobs, with many small and medium businesses being forced to close their doors. While, at the same time, big corporations got richer. This is the biggest wealth transfer in the history of mankind. Compound this with a ridiculous carbon tax, and inflation will soar. Everything now costs much more than it did 2 years ago. Along with inflation, your taxes are only going to go up.

Both the Liberals and the Conservatives are serial abusers of power, Justin Trudeau has many ethics violations including, Aga Khan, SNC-Lavalin, and WE Charity. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

We are committed to identifying and adjudicating crimes committed by the Canadian government. Investigations in both present and past governments will be part and parcel of our full-scale investigation into government corruption. Investigations and discovery will aid in and provide further insight and foresight assisting us in creating laws to govern the governments of the future. Fail safes will be implemented to reduce the risk of corruption and infiltration of our system.

Trudeau uses identity politics like no other prime minister in history, telling Canadian’s how to live their lives, how they should think, and how they should feel. This is not the Canada I grew up in. The current liberal party has become a ‘boutique party’, of fake outrage and social engineering, dividing us, promoting their globalist agenda, while lining their pockets and their friends’ pockets with our money.

Our government's disastrous trips to India, China, the USA, Russia, the Philippines, etc, etc. Trudeau has turned Canada into a global laughing stock, while he sells us out to the highest bidder. A leader who thinks we are not even a country, just a post-national state.


Our Plan

  • Reassert Our National Sovereignty
  • Bring Back Government Fiscal Responsibility
  • Cut Foreign Aid
  • End Government Corruption
  • Repeal all Anti-Freedom Bills like C10, C36
  • Expand the Ethics Commission and more Oversight.
  • Break up the Press, and Defund the CBC
  • Cut the Carbon Tax, and Exit the Paris Accord
  • Protect Canadians from Censorship
  • Rebuild our Relationship with Aboriginals
  • Encourage investment and Growth in Small/Medium Businesses
  • Bring Jobs Back to Canada.
  • Create Sound and Sustainable immigration Policy
  • Protect Legal Firearm Owners
  • Respect Our Veterans

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"East wall 4 all" NGO's out knocking on locals doors.
These people are out of touch with the real people of Ireland.


I don't want my tax dollars enabling racism of any kind: JIVANI: Trudeau administration funding racial segregation https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/other/jivani-trudeau-administration-funding-racial-segregation/ar-AA16OQ5C?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531&cvid=5709795502ed4bc48901a15510c6e079

Despite being censored, we continued to speak out. Corporate Media (Left & Right) hid us but we didn't give up. We refused to lie to the public & push their psyop. That's why the show is on Lindell TV Network, where I can speak truth without being told what to say & how to say it

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