Revenue and Tax Plan


Every year things just keep getting harder for Canadians, from skyrocketing food costs, transportation costs, utility costs, housing costs.. Coupled with increased taxes, with fewer services and more fees.

Canadians are taxed on average 42.5 percent, which doesn’t include the taxes you pay for goods and services. In many cases, you pay a tax on a tax again and again. I believe it will be easy to convince Canadians to accept our pro-Canada policies.

With our social issues growing in Canada, homelessness, and poverty are on the rise. We plan to re-prioritize how the tax dollars are spent and make sure we clean up our own backyard first.

During this pandemic our government overlords didn’t miss a beat, they got to work from home, gave themselves a raise, and turned both federal and provincial governments into medical dictatorships, with bad data, false information, bad actors, and Fake News.

Our Plan

Bring jobs back to Canada, in all sectors, and make Canada more self-reliant so if a crisis happens again, we won’t be fumbling around like Trudeau and Ford.

Stop wasteful spending and trim big government and put the tax dollar back to work for Canadians.

Ending corporate welfare and stop bailing out big corporations who made a trillion dollars off the backs of small and medium businesses.

We will create a 3 tier tax system, simplifying taxes for all Canadians.

  • 15k and under you will pay no tax.
  • 15% tax on income between $15,001 and $100,000
  • 25% tax rate on income above $100,000,

Reducing the business and farm tax from 15% to 10%

Abolishing the Capital Gains Tax would make sure you never pay tax on any of your savings and investments.

Expanding the Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance has allowed certain businesses to write off investments against taxable income more rapidly. Making this program permanent and applying it to all sectors will put money in the pockets of every single business owner.

Ending supply management which forces us to pay twice the price for milk, cheese, eggs, and chicken by like a 300%. 
Making the cost of food cheaper for everyone. Which would save the average Canadian family about $500 each and 
every year. Supply Management cost consumers not save consumers.

Removing Inter-provincial trade barriers would help businesses. It would also increase competition, raise productivity while uniting our country.

Make it easier to sell Canadian goods internationally.

Reducing foreign aid, and putting money where Canadians need it the most. Our hospitals, our homeless, our vets, and the indigenous people.

Scraping the Carbon tax and existing from the Paris Agreement.

Our government has abandoned all pretense of eliminating the national debt. And our deficit keeps growing. We believe that if Canadians have more money in their pockets, this will help to stimulate spending and make everyone’s lives a little easier, by reducing the tax burdens on Canadians will stimulate growth and create jobs.


London, Ontario, Canada

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