Mike McMullen was born in 1969 and was raised in London, Ont. After high school, he attended Fanshawe college and majored in Control System Engineering Technology. He joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1987 and served in the primary reserves for 10 years. Serving as a Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSCE OP), section commander, recruit and leadership instructor, finishing with the rank of Master Corporal, then transferred to the supplemental reserves for another decade.

Mike moved to Toronto and started working for various multinational corporations including IBM. He fulfilled many different leadership roles including project management, team lead, and he was a watchdog for a major as an ISO 9001 Quality coordinator for Southwestern Ontario, within the information technology field. He was involved in many large national projects. He worked at a large financial institution for several years in both IT, Support, and Project Management.

Mike also owned and managed several rental properties, did some high-frequency trading, as well some stock market investing. Two industries, that are complicated, filled with speculation, but important to understand when considering the economic and social effects of government initiatives and policies.

Mike ran federally for the PPC in 2019 as a first-time candidate with no political experience, he attended every debate and represented the Peoples Party well. He never quit when the last election ended.


He competed in his riding nomination race and won in July 2021, he is now the People's Party of Canada's federal candidate for London West. Mike looks forward to serving London, while he promotes Personal Responsibility, Individual Freedom, Respect, and Fairness for all Canadians.

"With the People’s Party of Canada, we have a real opportunity to take our country back, led by Canadians who care for this country, leaders who will put Canadian’s FIRST. I am prepared to fight for your freedoms and our sovereignty, to preserve and protect Canadian values, our history, and our traditions. Restore accountability and trust in our government and ensuring our politicians are held to highest standards." - Mike McMullen



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